This is a service not only available to private commissions, as with Autograph, but is available to Housebuilders and Property Developers.

With private clients, we are able to assist on all elements of interior design, from a single room through to an entire house. From kitchens to bathrooms, and wallcoverings to furniture, we can produce designs and specifications to create affordable but inspirational interiors.

For housebuilders and property developers we can provide a wide range of practical design services. Over the last 15 years we have worked with many national clients on a wide spectrum of projects. We specialise in analyzing floor plans, providing space planning services, and advise on positioning of electrical points, lighting and radiators. We also can assist the specification of internal fittings and finishes to provide individual but cost effective interiors that can add to the perceived value of the property.

Private commission: Initial consultation free and without obligation
Design services £60 per hour

Housebuilders and Property Developers:

Initial consultation free and without obligation
Design services are a one off fee structure
dependant on size and nature of project.